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At Baking Grace, our desserts are made fresh each day with the very best ingredients. We refuse to take shortcuts. We use real butter, the finest chocolate, freshly whipped cream and no pre-mixed anything. In addition to our regular menu, we also make wedding cakes, special occasion desserts, cupcakes miniatures and many seasonal specialties.

The Bakery Formerly
Known as Just Desserts

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After years of being known as Just Desserts we’ve decided to change our name. Why? Simply put, we were having an identity crisis. As you probably know there are a plethora of “Just Desserts” bakeries across NJ (and the nation for that matter).  And the number keeps growing! So after too many upset customers calling the wrong number or placing an order on the wrong site, we are rebranding. From this day forward, we will be known as Baking Grace. Spread the word.
But fear not, everything else remains the same. We will continue our commitment to bringing you great desserts made from the finest, freshest ingredients available. We refuse to take shortcuts.
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Life’s too short for cheap desserts.

“Best desserts I’ve ever had in my entire life! Don’t miss this place!” Tony M.
“Amazing cakes. We get our cakes for every occasion here.” Marta Z.
“The best g’damn carrot cake ever made in America!!!”  Jeff A.
“Very friendly and personable. The cupcakes were delicious!” Colleen P.
“You couldn't help but roll your eyes to the back of your head with pleasure.” Sarita R.
“White chocolate coconut is the best I've had...anywhere.” Bob D.

Cakes, Tarts & Pies

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Custom & Specialty Orders

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In addition to our regular menu we create amazing Wedding Cakes and our gift baskets are guaranteed to make a hero out of you. And we are always coming up with all kinds of wonderful new creations, special occasion desserts, cookies and many seasonal specialties.

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Baking Grace
718 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
p: 973-238-0307
f: 973-238-0316
9am to 5pm

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